Best Love whatsapp status

Best Love Whatsapp Status

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  1. Love❤  Can Do Nothing.. ,  But Without 💔 It Nothing Can Be 👉Done👈
  2.  Love❤  is the Life U👈🏻    Live..,   Live Is The Life U Love💗
  3.  Love💞  is Master ##🗝 Key That Is capable of Opening a Gate|—-| of ##Happiness.😄😆
  4. Love💞   Is To ##💓 Feel…,  What The Other is  #Feeling😚  Even If They are Far away.
  5.  It’s Not love that Hurts💔  , It’s The Person Providing It…!!!  U Must Figure Out Who Is Worth the Pain…? Bcoz Only in a fairy tales Love❤ is perfect Without Conflict.
  6. No 1 Realizes The Beauty👰  of Love💖  Until     U’re Caught💝 In it.
  7.  #Lucky 👍🏼  Is the Man who is the First Love❤ of a Woman💃 ,  But Luckier is the Woman Who Is the Last love💕  of a Man.
  8. Friendship👫   Often Ends in Lov💘e, But Love💝   in Friendship👫  Never👈
  9. No Matter Hw This Thing We Got Turns out…,   I will Never Regret 1 minute of it &  I will Always Love❤ U👈🏻
  10. The Worst ##Feeling😘   in the World is giving all the Love💗   U Hve &  knowing it will never be Returned.
  11.  Love💞   will ##Wait for #Us,  But how many Denials❌   will it take Before life gives up on Us…? Stop fooling Around &  say YESS …‼
  12.  If A  Star🌠  Fell  From The Sky 🌌   Every Time  i  Thought about U👈🏻   , the Moon Would Truly   #realize what loneliness Is.
  13.  ANY Man who can Drive safely while ##kissing💋 a pretty👰 girl is simply Not Giving the kiss💋 the ##attention It ##Deserves.
  14.  Love💖   Is about ## Growing💗   Together As A couple 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 , Learning About Each Other &  Not Giving Up.
  15. ## Distance is a test of LOVE💘  . Many will fail for those who can’t with stand it. But, for those who can, there’s only one answer…TRUE LOVE💓
  16.  Love❤ is an unusual Game💘 🏹 .There r either two👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩  winners🏆 or None.
  17. I saw😳   U  , I wanted 😰 U , I Got ✊ U , I liked👍🏻   U , I loved ❤  U, I miss😍  U .
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