Best Quotes For Whatsapp Status

Best quotes for whatsapp status

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  1.  When people hurt💔   U, Think🤔  of them Like a sand paper. They may scratch and hurt💔   U but in the End, U End up polished  & They End Up Useless.
  2. The #first person that  U think🤔  of in the Morning🌅  and the last person U Think Of in the night🗻  is either the Cause of  Ur Happiness 😃 or the cause of Ur Pain.
  3.  I Text📱  U Bcoz  i want to have a conversation💌  with U. Not to get 1 word Answer.
  4.  Don’t Be So Happy 🙃, I  don’t  really  #Forgive people , I Just Pretend Like It’s  ok & wait for my turn to ##Destroy them.
  5.  Don’t  U Wish People Could Be Like Money💰 ,,   so U could hold them up to the sun and see which ones are Fake & who are Real.
  6. If U  Want Something go After It ; Don’t  Wait For It to come to U Bcoz one day U’ll regret all the days You spent #waiting.
  7. The Best ##Feeling 😚Ever  is When  U Have someone Who Cares Only About U👈
  8. ## sorrow😥  keeps U Human.., Failure keeps U #Humble🙏 , success Keeps you Glowing🎇 , but only God✋🏻 keeps you Going.
  9. I Just wanted to Tell  U, on this very special valentine’s day,,   i’m exceptionally thankful🙏   U lowered your standards Enough to date Me.
  10. #Dear Lol😆 😆 ,  Thanks For ## Being There when I Hve Nothing else to Say.
  11.  It i s our #choices that show what we Truly☝ are, far😱 More than our Abilities    — J.K Rowling
  12.  Dear #God🙏 ,  I don’t Ask  U T o Make My Life Easier😃  . But i Ask U to give me strength 💪🏻 To face🙂  all my Trouble😢
  13. Don’t Waste Ur Time⏱  With Explanations🗣…,   People only Hear👂   What they Want to Hear👂🏻
  14.  Try🏃  To Turn Every Disaster  Into An Opportunity . — John Rockefeller
  15.  ## Prayers🙏🏻  & seeds are similar in nature🌄   Both Hve nothing within, but have the Potential of Creating Everything.
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