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Best Status WhatsApp

There Is Thousand Of best status whatsapp  here Our Team Are Daily Updating new Status and focusing user wish status our team always give best status in this  website. whatsapp is World Most Popular Chating anriod is the best funny whatsapp status,  whatsapp status for best friend , best whatsapp status on friendship , best status for whatsapp on life, best cool status for whatsapp, best whatsapp status about friendship, best and short whatsapp status , Here is thousand whatsapp status Available Enjoy Now.

  1. The Past can Hurt💔  But The Way i See it…, U  can either Run 🏇 from it Or #Learn From It.
  2.  At@ times  We do Not value Our Belongings. Unless they stop🚦  #Belonging to Us.
  3.  It Takes A Lot of #Energy 💪🏻 To get Angry😡 . I Don’t Care To Use My Energy That Way.
  4. U are So Dumb 🚮  & I  Am Thankful👍  to U for this Special Company.
  5.   Even though U  are Far Away..??  I Think About YOU Every Day..?  &  For Now I Send you #hugs & #Smiles 😄Across The Miles.
  6.  Your  Time is Limited..,   Don’t Waste It Living Someone else Life. — Steve Jobs
  7.  Some #People are Like clouds☁  ..  when they Go away the day gets Brighter⛅
  8.   #Success👍🏻   is A Lousy Teacher. It Seduces Smart😎  People Into Thinking They can’t lose  — bill Gates
  9.  The #Greatest Test of Faith ☝is When U  Don’t Get what U  want.., But still U..  Are Able To Say thank 🙏🏻U  Lord✋🏻
  10.  There Are Only Two Ways to Live Ur life. One is as though nothing is a miracle😱 . The other is as though Everything is a miracle😱  — Albert Einstein
  11.  Some #People are Beautifully👮🏻  Wrapped Boxes 📦📦 of Shit.
  12.  ##All #relationships👨‍❤️‍👨 Have Problems.., It ‘s ..?Just all #depends if U Two👫  Are Strong Enough To Get Through them #Together.
  13. # Sometimes 1  Middle🖕🏻  finger isn’t Enough to Let Someone Know How  U Feel. That’s  why U Have Two 🙌🏻 Hands.
  14.  U #Can’t have a Relationship without Any Fights👊🏻 .   But U can make Ur relationship worth the Fight.
  15. #YOU  Can Close Ur Eyes😌  to Things you Don’?t Want to see.., But U  can’t close your heart ❤ to the things you Don?t Want To Feel😍
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