best whatsapp love status

Best WhatsApp Love Status

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  1. BEING🙂 Someone’s First Love❤ MAY Be Great☝ BUT To Be Their LAST Is Beyond Perfect👍.
  2. A Hundred Hearts❤  Would Be Too Few To Carry All My L❤e For U.
  3.  ONE Of The Most Amazing Feelings😍  In the world is Having Someone Fall in l❤e with U who U thought U never Had A Chance With.
  4. LOVE ❤ Is Not Having someone GIVE  U The world  Love is Creating a whole New world Together💏
  5.  Not  To All caterpillar  Turn into Butterflies  Not All UGLY 👺 duckling turn into swans  Bu  They all Deserve lOVE 💕  Just Like All the butterflies & swans.
  6.  My Every Movement Spent with U is Diamond💎 FOR Me  I l❤e U.
  7. The person who loves U more will fight 👊🏻 😘 with U Daily without any reason but whenever U are sad😪  that person will fight💪  With the world to END ur sadness.
  8. Love❤ is like Playing the piano🎹 First U must learn to play by the rules  then U Must forget the Rules and play from Ur Heart💓
  9. YOU  Never Said I l❤e U, Yet Ur Eyes👁👁 Spoke a million words that’s   ## True  l❤e For Me ,Be My valentine.
  10. U Are My ##True LOVE BCOZ With U All My Dreams seem😊  Real & Possible.
  11.  Laugh😆😛  As much As U Breath👃 & LOVE As much As U Live.
  12. . IT’S  True LOVE ❤ That Makes U Care so Much &  This True✊  LO💓VE  Honey 💏 Is What Keeps us Together.
  13.  Don’t Try & Perfect Urself For ##One #person Wait for the ##one Who love Ur Imperfection👉
  14. May This valentine’s Day💘   BE Filled with LOVE❤  Understanding🤔 & contentment🙂 as U Journey🚞Through Life with Those U Hold Dear.
  15. ## ONE Thing Is for sure👈  LOVE ❤ Keeps US Going When Everything stops Moving.
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