best whatsapp status messages

Best whatsapp status messages

There Is Thousand Of Latest best whatsapp Status here Our Team Are Daily Updating new Status and focusing user wish status our team always give best status in this  website. whatsapp is World Most Popular Chating anriod is the best whatsapp status messages,Best status for whatsapp best whatsapp status for girls,best whatsapp status for love,best whatsapp status quotes,best funny status for whatsapp there is Huge amount Of status here u can share ur whatsapp directly
  1. The Best Way to Avoid✋ Disappointment😒  Is to not Expect Anything from anyone.
  2.   I Will Admit I Never was the perfect One☝ I was not always there  I didn’t make U smile🙂 at all times But there is one thing iwill  Admit i did,, I was the Best👍🏻  person i could be for U.
  3.  Man in God’s 👏🏻 Shop what do you sell..?? God✋: whatever our  Heart💓 desires . man👨:  I want Success  & Happines🙂. God✋:  Smiled & said ‘i sell only seeds Not fruits.
  4.  RUde😼 kind OF Verse📃 can Be you’r First Stage🏃 of Romance💏  Looking for New Ways === To L❤e Their OWN.
  5. It’S Not Important to have Long List of Friends👬 on Facebook And WhatsApp But It’S iMportant To Have some FRIENDS👬 wHo can Read ur Face🙂 As Book📖 and Ask🤔 WhatsUp😀.
  6.  DON’T Lose✊ Hope When the SUN🌑 Goes Down, The STARS⭐💫 Come Out.
  7. alWays Forgive ur Enemies👽 But Never☝🏻 Forget their Names👈🏼
  8. A Lot👦🏻👨🏻 of People r  Afraid😨 to SAY what they Want❓  That’s Why They don’t Get What ❓❓they Want.
  9.  The ONLY Sensible🤔 Way to Live🙂 is Without RULES🙂
  10.  3⃣ steps to Move On Ctrl ➕ Alt ➕ Del 🚮 control urself  Look😯 For an Alternate Solution and Delete🚮  She/He Situation that Hurts💔 U.
  11.  Be with Someone who Brings Out the BesT👌🏻 IN U, Not the Stress in U.
  12.  There Is No elevator 🏗 to Success. U HAVE To Take the Stairs🏃
  13. Do NOT  Argue 👊 with an Idiot 🤓 hE  will drag U down This Level & Beat🎯  U with Experience.
  14. Don❓t Try & Perfect✅ urself For 1⃣ person Wait for the One who l❤e ur IMPERFECTION👈
  15. Forget what Hurt ❤ YOU in the Past,, But Never forget what it Taught YOU.
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