best whatsapp status

Best Whatsapp Status

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  1. You Don’t Have to Be Great to Start, But You have to start to be Great.
  2. Time  does not change people, their choices do.
  3. Action🏃 may speak louder than Words, but intention🤔 speaks loudest.
  4.  God🙏🏻 is everywhere as long as u  don’t loose✊ You’r 👉faith.
  5.  Dear PasT, Thanks  🙏  U for all the lessons Dear future, i’m Now Ready.
  6. The Best 👌🏻 feeling in the world is knowing u’r presence🙂 and absence both mean something to someone.
  7. You can’t start the next chapter of you’r Life if u keep Re-reading📖 the last one.
  8.  Never☝🏻 Forget what someone SAYS to U when you They are Angry 😡 Because  that’s  🗣 Truth comes out.
  9. Nobody Wants To hear👂🏼 this but sometimes the Person U want most is the Person YOU are best 👍without.
  10. Never give up☝🏼 on something if you think you can fight💪 for It  Remember 👈  It’s Difficult🏋🏻 to wait but it’s more difficult when you Regret😥.
  11.  Happiness 🙂 Comes with a Price Tag  If  U are smiling
  12. 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 U have already paid💰 for it in past.
  13. NO  Man succeeded✌ without a Good Woman👩🏻 behind him, Wife👩🏻 or Mother🙎🏻, If it’s both, He is Twice Blessed🙌🏻.
  14. Never  Look👀🔙  unless There is  an Attractive Stranger Behind U…❗
  15. Walking👬 with a Friend👬 In the Dark👤 is Better than Walking Alone🏃 in the LIGHT.
  16. TAKE Care of ur thoughts🙇 When U are Alone🕴 and tAke Care of u’r Words🗣 When U r with People.
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