Cool status for whatsapp

Cool Status For Whatsapp

Here Is 10000+ Latest New cool status for whatsapp  Our Team Are Daily Updating new Status and Focusing user wish status our team always give best status in this  website. whatsapp is World Most Popular Chating  application. Now Express Your Cool Attitude/Feeling  through  whatsapp status Here is the Various Type whatsapp status getting new idea for your good status following are types status available , cool whatsapp status cool status for whatsapp for girls , cool whatsapp status ideas,funny and cool status for whatsapp,  now dedicated Your Feeling Thorough Whatsapp status Enjoy now.
  1.  I need a lifetime Lover👨‍❤️‍👨, Not A Night Time lover.
  2. Good Time +  Crazy Friends🤓😎🤑   = Amazing Memories.
  3. Keep Smiling 🙂  and  One day Life will Tired of Upsetting You 🙂
  4. Whatever Makes You Feel 😘 Bad, leave it Whatever makes you smile🙂, keep It.
  5.  Don’T   Let People Rent space in Your Head just let It Go..
  6. A Single Word Can Undoubtedly Be A Repository of knowledge.., Provided you’Re Willing To Learn something New.
  7. A GIRL 👰  Is the Most Beautiful Part of Gods ✋creation.
  8. We all have that one person we Hate❌  But Constantly look at Their Facebook Profile.
  9.  2 Most Honest😯  people in this world, Drunk🍾  People and Little kids👶🏻
  10. My Back 🔙 Is not a voicemail , Say it to My FACE👈🏻
  11.  An Apple🍎  a Day keeps the Doctor Away, But if doctor is cute👰🏻, Forget The Fruit.
  12. Treat people Nicely Even If they Don’T Return The Favor. Thats being nice.
  13. Tell Her she 👰🏻 Is Beautiful, not HOT♨ She s a Girl Not a Cup Of Tea☕
  14.  Violence and Arms⚔  Can Never Resolve The Problems of MEN.
  15. I Would Like To Shot🔫 by Hitler Instead of Living with a Rude👺  Friend like YOU.
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