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Funny Status For Whatsapp

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  1. Nothing Moves Faster than A #girl👰  untagging Herself from An  Ugly 💃#Picture.
  2.  Great Power 🔌comes with great #electricity Bills🙀
  3.  People with glass Houses🏬  should Not throw #stones.., they should throw #Parties with #Strippers.
  4. A #man Is incomplete until He is #Married👨‍❤️‍👨 . After that, He is Finished😣
  5.  Life is So Much Funnier 😛 when U’ve A  Dirty Mind🤓
  6. I was Trying to play IPL🏏  on the #computer 🖥 But it Wouldn’t Load…,🔄  &   just kept saying, IPL is #CORRUPT.
  7.  Always ##Remember that U’re  Absolutely Unique.🤖   Just Like Everyone Else.
  8. I #Hate❌   when people all of a sudden decide to be Funny 😛 when I’m Drinking🍺 something.
  9. Girls Are Funny Creatures😜 . They hate it when U ask their age But will kill U if U forget their #Birthday🎂
  10. Ordinarily people live 😉  & Learn. U Just live.
  11.  If a #Single teacher Can’t Teach💁  all the subjects then How could U expect a single student to Learn🙇🏻  All subjects.
  12. I fell In Love💞 💘  at First #sight. I should Hve Looked Twice.
  13.  Bank – Hello mam..,  Do You want Credit Card.💳??  Girl – No thanks, I Hve a #💁Boyfriend.
  14.  Love❤ is Easy ,# But I’M  Busy.
  15.  #I was Born Cool 😎, But global warming🌤  Made Me Hot🔥
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