Sad Whatsapp Status

Sad WhatsApp Status

Are You Heart From someone Now  Express Your Feeling Through Sad Whatsapp Status  Our Team Are Daily Updating new Status and Focusing user wish status our team always give Best status in this  website. whatsapp is World Most Popular Chating  application. Now Express Your Heart Touching Feeling  through  whatsapp status Here is the Various Type  of sad whatsapp status , best sad status for whatsapp, whatsapp status getting new idea for your good status , Now dedicated Your Feeling Thorough Whatsapp status If looking For Best Sad whatsapp status Now You are write place Here Is 10000+ New Daily Whatsapp Status Enjoy Now
  1. Sometimes Its better to be alone 🚶 No one can hurt💔 You.
  2. I Hate When People Say They Miss You, But Don’t , Make A Effort To speak to you or see You…!
  3. Invisible Tears😟 are the Hardest to wipe Away.
  4. No Matter How Much You Have hurt Me💔 I Still Pray 👏 For You Every Night.
  5. Love ❤ that makes you give up smoking 🚬 & Drinking🍷 Not Because you value Your Health, But Because She Doesn’t Like it.
  6. Why Am I So Afraid to Lose You When You Are Not Even Mine.
  7. I Feel 😘 crappy Inside, Like something just broke…
  8. I Never Feel 😘 Alone 🚶 Because  loneliness is always with ME.
  9. I’m Invisible, Until Someone Needs ME.
  10. Sometimes when i say  ”  i am okay🙂”   I want someone Too look me in the eyes 👁👁 Hug me Tight and say ” I know You’re Not”..!
  11. There are Songs That can really make You sad 😥 & cry😭  when you Hear them. But it’s actually not the song that makes you cry😭, it’s the people Behind the memories..!
  12. I was Born The Day I Met You, Lived a while when you loved me💞 , Died a Little When We Broke Apart.
  13. Just the Thought of being with YOU tomorrow,  is Enough to get me Through Today.
  14. I Don’t Believe That Time⏱  Heals Everything. Minutes, Hours, Months, & Years Just Give You More Time To Realize🤔  What You’re Missing.
  15. One Of The Hardest Things In Life Is Having The Words In Your Heart That You Can Not Speak.
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