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Status For Whatsapp Funny

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  1. #All My #Life I thought air 💨Is Free Until i  bought a bag of chips.
  2.  I Look👀 at People sometimes &  Think🤔 ..?    #really…?   That’s the Sperm that Won.🏃
  3. WhatsApp # Users never Die😖..,  They just Go offline.
  4.  Relationship Status:=>  Looking for a Free Hotspot.📱📲
  5. Keep Calm😐.., Stay HAPPY🙂
  6. I love My six pack 🏋So much..,  i protect it with a Layer of Fat.
  7. Someone on His status “Sleeping😴 ”    since 3 Days…!!!   He’s Probably Dead.😣
  8. Only #Brain Is works More.   #if U Use it more.
  9.  SORRY…❗❗ For A bout Those Texts i sent U Last Night.., My  Phone📱 was Drunk…
  10.  Every #Problem 🤔comes with Solution But my GF/BF  Don’t Have.
  11.  if  U was Never my intention. But  it Became My #ADDICTION#.
  12. suicide::-  Mans 👴way of Telling God✋🏻 – You Can’t Fire me, I Quit.
  13. Graduation🎓 Means: The process Changing One’s status From =>Student👦 to Unemployed.
  14. #Childhood is Like Being Drunk.🍻., Everyone Remembers What U Did, except U.
  15. someone’s Status is:    Available  🙂..,,    But  How 🆓  are YOU……..?
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