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WhatsApp Best Status

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  1. NO One Can Stop 🚧 U From Thinking🙄 the Way you do👈🏻.
  2. BE Thankful 🙏🏻 For All U Have bCoz U Never Know🤔 What Will Happen🙀 NEXT.
  3. AT Childhood 👶🏻  We Cry😩😫 Loudly📢 to Get what we LIKE When We grow UP We cry😒 silently to Forget what We LIKE that IS LiFE👍🏻
  4. NEVER👈🏻 Get into fight👊🏻 with UGLY 😡👺 People, They Have Nothing to LOSE.
  5.  Every Little Lie U Lie Brings us Closer to GOODBYE🖐🏻.
  6. Never👈🏻 Ever Make Permanent DECISIONS ✍ On Temporary Feelings.
  7. SORRY😞 i’M Not perfect👍  Enough For Ur Perfect Little world.
  8. HAS Found that It’s Usually  Ones ☝ Who Think🙄 they Are Better👌🏻 Than U r the Ones☝🏻 who r Not Even Worth your Time⏱
  9. U Can DO🏃🏻 Anything  but Not Everything☝🏻
  10. From 🅰 to 🅱 all that Really Matters is  ℹ and U.
  11. whats Never Blame🗣👉 Solely 👉🏻Urself  for Any Misfortune😟 of Life BCOZ No Single☝🏻  Raindrop💧 is Responsible for FLOOD🌊🌨
  12.  Be with Someone who Brings Out the BesT👌🏻 IN U, Not the Stress in U.
  13. Say IT’s TRue☝🏻. There Is  Nothing LIKE ME👈🏻 &  👉🏻U.
  14.  NO 1⃣  Rises😱 suddenly In the World Not Even the SUN🌅
  15. IF U Live Life😳 with Regrets 🙈 of Yesterday U Will Hve No Today To BE Thankful🙏  FOR.
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