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  1. Every Girl💃 Wants 1 Guy👱   To Meet All her Needs,,, While Every guy wants all the girls to meet his 1 need.
  2.  Most Emotional😢 Moment In a Boys life🙄, When a Girl Says, can U Give 😱 Me Ur number 📱
  3.  It’s Not about How Hard u can Hit,, It’s About How Hard U Can Get Hit, & Keep Moving Forward.  Author✍:-Rocky Balboa
  4. Maybe🤔  It’s Not Always About Trying To Fix something  Broken. Maybe it’s  about starting over & creating something Better👍🏻
  5.  U Can’t Have A Better Tomorrow If U r Thinking🙇🏻 about Yesterday All the time.
  6.  Marriage💑 Is A Workshop Where Husband Works🏋🏼  wife Shops💃🛍
  7.  Life is So Much Better when U Stop Caring😦 About what Everyone Thinks🤔, & Start To Actually Live for Urself.
  8.  Try  To Turn Every Disaster⛈ Into an Opportunity 💪
  9. Mistake😟 Is a Single Page OF  Life But Relation Is A complete Book📕. So Don’t Lose A full Book For a Single page.📄
  10. Don’t U #Wish People Could Be like Money💰   , So U Could Hold Them Up To The Sun  &  See Which ones   r fake & who are real.
  11.  I Have Not failed,   i Have found 10000 Ways That Doesn’t Work.  -Thomas Edison.
  12. My ##Darling👧  , U Bring  ##Joy😂  to My Life😃
  13. A   King Only  Bows🏹  down To His Queen👰
  14. Somewhere there is Someone Who Dreams Of  Ur Smile🙂
  15. some  ##People are Like Trees , They Take Forever To Grow Up🌴
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