whatsapp status for best friend

Whatsapp status for best friend

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  1. Our ##Greatest Glory☝ is Not in Never  ##Falling  But In ##Rising UP Every Time WE #fall .
  2. ## GOD 🙌 Is Not Present in Idols  Ur Feelings r  ur God  the ##Soul Is ur Temple.
  3.  It’s  Not ##Necessary To understand🤔 Things In Order to Argue👊🏻  About ##them.
  4.  Actions 🏃 Speak Louder than words Ur words Don’t Mean Anything To Me When ur Actions are Telling me Different.
  5.  It Takes Millions People To Complete The World  But It Only Takes U to complete me.
  6.  That  ## Awesome👌🏻 Moment when They Call & say U  Hve Got The job.
  7. I Speak To ##Everyone In The ##Same WAY  ## Whether He Is The Garbage Man or the President of the University🏛
  8.  God✋🏻  ## Answers when U Least Expect it👏🏻
  9.  It’s so ##Wonderful hw that one Person Can Make U smile🙂  The Whole Day Even when he/she is Not Around.
  10.  If 5 Seconds of smile🙂 Can Make A Photograph More Beautiful👌  Then just imagine  if U keep always smiling🙂, Hw Beautiful ur Life will Be.
  11. When A Bird🕊  Hits ur Window hve you Ever Wondered ##If God is Playing Angry Birds🐥  With U.
  12.  I Don’t Hate🙅🏽  U,,   I Hate What YOU do ..??  & who U hve Become As a person.
  13.  Words Don’t Hve The ##Power To Hurt💔 U ,, Unless The Person Who Said Them Means A Lot To U.
  14.  A Boy👦🏻  Never Forgets the Girl HE Could?t Hve . NEVER.
  15.  Facebook Is the Only place u can rant🎉  & Rave & not lose ur voice. LOL..😄😆!!!!   The only Place where u can Steal someones words, thoughts and say thanks in advance…!
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