whatsapp status for Love

Whatsapp Status For Love

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  1. Do You ever look👀  At your Ex & Thing.. was I Drunk🍾  our whole Relationship.
  2. The Beauty 👰 of a woman is seen within her Eyes 👁👁 Becoz It’s the Door way to Her Heart❤ Where Her love resides.
  3. I Still Love❤ You, That’s a Fact. But a Million Apologies can’t bring me back.
  4. I Hope😧  You will realize🤔  How Much You Are Hurting💔 me…!!
  5. Keep love💘  in your Heart. A life without it is like a sunless Garden🌌 when the Flowers 🌹 Are dead.
  6. Love💞 must be Learned, & Learned Again; there is no end to it.
  7. A girl must Marry for love💞 , & keep on marrying until she Finds it.
  8. I want my first kiss 💋 to be Long but Gentle, soft but glorious. Most of all want it to be with You.
  9. Love❤ is a Conflict between reflexes and Reflections.
  10. When You Love❤  someone, All Your saved- Up Wishes Start coming out.
  11. No matter how “busy”😳  a person is…if they Really Love❤ , They Will Always Find The Time for You.!
  12. The Only thing we never Get Enough Of is Love❤  &  the only thing we never give enough 💗 of is Love.
  13. A kiss 💋 Is A Lovely Trick designed by Nature to stop speech when words become Superfluous.
  14. If Your Heart❤  Was a Prison I would Like 👍 to be Sentenced For Life.
  15. I Think🤔  I Might be falling for You💘 . I Love Who You are and every little Thing you Do.
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