Whatsapp Status Sad

WhatsApp Status Sad

Are You Heart From someone Now  Express Your Feeling Through  whatsapp status sad Our Team Are Daily Updating new Status and Focusing user wish status our team always give Best status in this  website. whatsapp is World Most Popular Chating  application. Now Express Your Heart Touching Feeling  through  whatsapp status Here is the Various Type  of sad whatsapp status , best sad status for whatsapp, whatsapp status getting new idea for your good status , Now dedicated Your Feeling Thorough Whatsapp status If looking For Best Sad whatsapp status Now You are write place Here Is 10000+ New Daily Whatsapp Status Enjoy Now
  1. I Don’t  Miss😥 Him, I miss who I Thought he was.
  2. Only You can Put a smile🙂  on my face when I’m Sad😰
  3. 204 countries 🌍 805 Islands 7 seas 7+ Billion people & Im single🚶
  4. How Did I Go From Being So Happy😄  to so sad.😪
  5. They Ignore🤐  You Until They Need YOU.
  6.  Worst Feeling😘  is Not Being lonely.  It’s Being Forgotten By Someone You Could Not Forget.
  7. You know what friendss You’re polite👳🏻  Nature To Others Always Hurts💔 You
  8. I Act Like I don’t Care😥  but Deep Inside, It Hurts💔
  9. You Don’t Really know What You Have Until It’S Gone .
  10. Life is like👍🏻  a Roller coaster 🎢 It has is Ups and downs but its up to weather to enjoy the Ride Or Not.
  11. If You Left Me Without a reason , Do not come back 🔙 with an Excuse.
  12. Wake Me Up When Things🙄  Are Going Right For Once.
  13. I Hate Being Broken ,I Hate❌ that I cannot go Back.
  14. All It Takes Is 1 Song🎧  to Bring Back 1000 Memories.
  15. I Don’T  Need Drugs💊  Life is killing🗡  Me Slowly all by Itself👈
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